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Wildflower meadows are the most important habitats for bees,butterflies and other insects in our fragile ecosystem. Today we celebrate #nationalmeadowsday#wildflowers #gardensofinstagram #greatbritishgardenscouk @ Brightwater Gardens
Brightwater Gardens is at Brightwater Gardens.
Tomorrow is #nationalmeadowsday ours are looking really fantastic this year. #gardensofinstagram #greatbritishgardens
Here you go folks something you can all try at home.
It's National Meadows Day tomorrow! This annual celebration of wildflower meadows aims to raise awareness of the important role species-rich grassland plays in our ecosystem.

Here are some of our tips for creating your own wildflower meadow:

• Choose a suitable area. Your lawn or an old flower border may be best for this. It needs to somewhere open and sunny, but can be flat or sloping. A relatively large area is best, where you have space for growing a range of wildflowers.

• Dig the soil to get rid of any weeds. This is the hardest part! You want to create a fine tilth (think breadcrumb consistency) soil for seed sowing, just as you would with a lawn. Once you have bare soil, lay a sheet over it so that any weed seeds already in the soil germinate and die.

• The fun bit is choosing the seed mix. Try planting flowers such as red clover, ox-eye daisy, yarrow, meadow buttercup, cowslip, foxglove and viper's bugloss. Wild grasses such as bents, fescues and crested dogstail are great too. Find bee and butterfly seed mixes in our shop

• Plant bee friendly trees too! Trees such as goat willow, hazel, crab apple and rowan provide essential pollen and nesting for bees and other pollinators. Find trees for bees in our shop here

Will you be visiting any meadows tomorrow? Or feeling inspired to create your own?🌼
Brightwater Gardens shared a photo.
The humble Poppy usually a wildflower of cornfields always appears in our garden meadows. #nationalmeadowsday #gardensofinstagram #greatbritishgardens
A couple of photos in the wildflower meadows today. @ Brightwater Gardens
Brightwater Gardens is at Brightwater Gardens.
The secret establishing a good wildflower meadow is plenty of yellow rattle. #nationalmeadowsday #gardensofinstagram #greatbritishgardens
Day 3 It’s orchid day in the wildflower meadows. We planted our first plants 8 years ago and now have 5 types - common orchid, common spotted orchid, pyramid orchid, bee orchid, southern marsh orchid and they are seeding around happily. #nationalmeadowsday #wildflowers #gardensofinstagram #greatbritishgardens @ Brightwater Gardens
Brightwater Gardens is at Brightwater Gardens.
Woodland meadow areas - it’s important to create areas of grasses and wildflowers in the shelter and shade of woodland as these are important habitats for insects and birds. #nationalmeadowsday #gardensofinstagram #wildflowers #greatbritishgardens @ Brightwater Gardens
Brightwater Gardens is at Brightwater Gardens.

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